Show Notes 015 - Michael Gamble

During these conversations there are often references to events, people and music that get tossed around that may be unfamiliar, so I’ve compiled links to nearly everything discussed in each episode as a handy companion. 

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0:00:40 Welcome to episode #015 of The Track with Ryan Swift - June 2016. This episode’s guest is Michael Gamble

0:01:11 Michael Gamble’s Rhythm Serenaders

0:01:22 Lindy Focus

0:01:34 Lindyfest

0:02:11 Herräng Dance Camp

0:02:36 Burning Man

0:04:32 Swing Out New Hampshire

0:05:31 Mind Over Movement - Connection Theory for Lindy Hop

Dogpossum - The Rules of Connection: I think about pedagogy, lindy hop and ideology

0:06:15 ALHC 2004

0:08:30 Wandering & Pondering - Back in the Day

0:08:34 USA Grand National Dance Championship

0:08:48 Dance Flurry

0:09:55 Jaya Dorf

0:11:30 Mountain Xpress - Laying down the tracks: Local recording studios offer top-tier quality

0:12:04 Crossroads Music

0:12:09 Organic Records

0:13:43 Robert Moog

0:14:13 Bob Moog: A Timeline

0:15:16 The Track 008 - Jonathan Stout

0:17:42 Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong - “My Sweet Hunk O' Trash” (Amazon, iTunes)

0:18:08 65 Years of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday's Only Session

0:25:39 Contra Dance - Asheville

0:26:00 Farewell Contra Dance, Flurry Festival 2012

0:33:35 Jazz family tree

0:34:30 My Jazz Can Beat Up Your Jazz - What's the Difference Between Hot Jazz, Trad jazz, New Orleans Jazz, and 1920's Jazz?

0:36:41 Lindy Focus XIII: Artie Shaw Night

0:36:56 Duke Ellington - Brown, Black & Beige (Amazon, iTunes)

0:37:00 Count Basie - Basie’s Beatle Bag (Amazon, iTunes)

0:41:51 Michael Gamble & the Rhythm Serenaders - Michael Gamble & The Rhythm Serenaders (iTunes)

0:45:52 Stereogum - Let’s All Remember The Late-’90s Swing Revival

0:50:24 Vice - Why Hasn't Rockabilly Come Back Around?

0:51:58 Subcultures, Scenes or Tribes? None of the Above

0:52:54 The Guardian - The death of bohemia: can the dream survive in gentrified New York?

0:57:39 Dogpossum - Why we need codes of conduct and sexual assault response strategies

0:57:43 Yehoodi - Lindy Focus's Code of Conduct: Where's Yours?

0:58:48 Reddit -  Lindy Focus published their Code of Conduct for their event. Are there other Codes of Conduct for swing events that you like?

1:05:15 Lindy Hop DJ Corner: You Should DJ Big Band Music

1:05:25 Lindy Focus YouTube playlists

1:08:42 Lindy Focus XIII: Late Night Championships

1:14:04 Lindy Focus XIII: Sidney Bechet Tribute - "Winin' Boy Blues"

1:16:30 Artie Shaw - Complete Gramercy 5 Sessions (Amazon, iTunes)

1:16:45 WSJ - Artie Shaw and His Gramercy 5, Hip to the Harpsichord

1:17:39 Les Brown - “Bizet Has His Day” (Amazon, iTunes)

1:17:44 5 Classical Pieces That Helped Me Become A Better Jazz Musician

1:18:30 Boston Swing Dance - Dancing to Live Music

1:21:37 European Swing Dance Championships

1:22:30 SwingDJs - Competition Music

1:23:18 My Jazz Can Beat Up Your Jazz - How to Support Live Music (and be successful at it)

1:23:40 Cootie Williams

1:16:30 The Track 012 - Sylvia Sykes

1:29:02 Shazam

1:32:05 Russ Wilson

1:33:12 Yehoodi - Swing Arranging

1:33:24 Guitar Player - Bulletproof Jazz: John Pizzarelli: Details The Art Of Shout-Chorus Swing

1:34:14 Jonathan Stout’s Swing Guitar Blog

1:35:40 WNYC - The Benny Goodman Sextet Fields Requests on 'America in Swingtime'

Big Band Spotlight - Benny Goodman’s Sensational Sextet

1:38:00 Jazz Arranging Online by Prof. Chuck Israels

1:39:54 Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five And Hot Seven Recordings (Amazon, iTunes)

1:42:19 Lindy Focus XIV: Michael and Jaya Announcement

1:44:04 The Big Band Revival Project will start with Chick Webb (on Indiegogo)

1:47:03 Chick Webb - “Go Harlem” (Amazon, iTunes)

1:49:35 Lindyfest 2016 - All Star Strictly Finals

1:53:00 Lone Star Championships & Lindyfest 2013 - Advanced / All-Star Strictly Finals

1:54:09 Lindyfest 2013 - LSC - All-Star JnJ - Spotlight - Michael Gamble & Vanessa Shields

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