Show Notes 014 - Laura Windley

During these conversations there are often references to events, people and music that get tossed around that may be unfamiliar, so I’ve compiled links to nearly everything discussed in each episode as a handy companion. 

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0:00:40 Welcome to episode #014 of The Track with Ryan Swift - May 2016. This episode’s guest is Laura Windley

0:00:46 Laura Windley - Swing DJ

0:00:53 Lindy Shopper

0:01:15 Mint Julep Jazz Band

0:01:25 Lindy Focus

0:02:08 NPRs Delicious Dish

0:02:41 Michael Gamble

0:03:58 Lindy Focus XIV: Late Night Championships - Balboa Edition

0:04:05 Lindy Focus XIII: The Jonathan Stout Orchestra - “All the Cats Join In” (featuring Laura Windley)

0:06:40 Movie Legends Revealed | How Did Harrison Ford Accidentally Audition For ‘Star Wars’?

0:07:10 Squirrel Nut Zippers

0:07:33 NPR - Sense Of Place North Carolina: Squirrel Nut Zippers

0:08:03 Bing Crosby - The Voice of Christmas: The Complete Decca Christmas Songbook (Amazon, iTunes)

0:09:36 Stereogum - Let’s All Remember The Late-’90s Swing Revival

0:09:48 Millenium Center - Winston-Salem, NC

0:10:37 The Berlin Brothers

0:10:58 Mystery Brewing

0:13:45 Squirrel Nut Zippers - “Hell" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:13:50 Katharine Whalen

0:14:41 Lois Deloatch

0:15:08 Aurora Nealand

0:15:54 The Pfister Sisters 

0:16:45 All About Jazz - Frankie Manning: Dancers and Musicians - A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

0:18:41 Jonathan Doyle

0:19:41 Lindy Focus XIII: The Jonathan Stout Orchestra - “All Star Jump"

0:20:53 Jason Jurzak

0:23:05 Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald - "A-Tisket, A-Tasket” (Amazon, iTunes)

0:23:14 The Complete Jimmie Lunceford Decca Sessions (Mosaic #250) (Amazon)

0:23:33 Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald Decca Sessions (1934-41) (Mosaic #252) (Amazon)

0:23:57 Ella Fitzgerald - “Billy (I Dream of Billy)” (Amazon)

0:26:20 Artie Shaw -"Begin the Begine” (Amazon, iTunes)

0:27:02 The King Rippers

0:27:21 The Track 010 - Rob Moreland

0:28:51 The Track 008 - Jonathan Stout

0:35:53 Triangle Swing Dance Society

0:36:11 All Balboa Weekend

0:36:28 DCLX

0:36:23 Jammin' on the James

Virginia Beach Lindy Exchange

0:36:53 Cape Fear Swing Dance Society

0:37:24 Lumina Pavilion; Interior of Lumina Dancing Pavilion at night

0:37:55 Lumina: Remembering the Light

0:39:08 National Association of Counties

0:41:19 National Geographic - Dance Across America

0:42:31 Ferdinando Sarmi

0:43:30 LindyShopper on Pinterest

0:44:00 WUNC: Boogie in Black and White

0:46:06 The Count and Harriet in 'Pitch a Boogie Woogie' (1947) 

0:46:22 NYSDS

0:47:41 Social Dancing in ‘Pitch a Boogie Woogie’ (1947)

0:48:19 Laura Windley - Pitch a Boogie Woogie and Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers

0:49:12 Atomic Rhythm All-Stars

0:50:11 Fletcher Henderson - "Knock, Knock, Who’s There?” (Amazon, iTunes)

0:50:21 Peggy Lee - "Shanghai" (Amazon)

0:51:28 Oscar Aleman - "Bésame Mucho" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:52:02 Mint Julep Jazz Band - "Night on Bald Mountain" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:52:14 Les Brown - "Bizet Has His Day" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:52:17 Tommy Dorsey - "Song of India" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:53:06 ECU Billy Taylor Jazz Festival

0:55:14 Earl Hines - “Cavernism" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:55:41 The Complete 1932-1940 Bruns./Col./Master Rec. of Ellington and His Famous Orchestra (Mosaic #248) (Amazon)

0:56:22 Duke Ellington - "At a Dixie Roadside Diner" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:56:33 Duke Ellington - "Rockin' In Rhythm (Live In Newport 1959)" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:56:55 Bobby White

0:58:48 NPR: Count Basie: The Man and His Music, Pt. 3 (New Testament)

0:59:34 Joe Steel - "Coalyard Shuffle"

1:02:30 Swing DJ Resources - The Insights from The Battle of the Bands at ABW 14 – with Playlists

1:10:51 Christian & Jenny 

Lindy Focus XIV: Show - "St. Louis Shag"

1:11:01 Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth

1:13:33 Lindy Shopper - Building a Swing Wardrobe at All Balboa Weekend

1:18:12 Lindy Shopper - Suits

1:18:43 The Chic Index - Heidi Rosenau & Joe McGlynn

1:24:13 Bees’ Knees Dance - An Introvert’s Guide to de-Wallflowering

The Introverted Lindy Hopper

1:27:15 Lindy Focus XIII: The Jonathan Stout Orchestra - "Jump for Joy"

1:30:55 Attractive Nuisance at Jammin for Justice

1:31:19 Attractive Nuisance with Lucian Cobb at the Graduation BBQ

1:34:04 Music in the Library: Mint Julep Jazz Band, "Swingtime in Honolulu” (featuring ‘The Windley’)

1:36:58 Hot Rhythm Holiday

1:37:50 Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing

1:39:32 Jonathan Stout’s All-Start Orchestra, Midsummer Night Swing 2015

1:41:35 Camp Hollywood

1:42:30 Balboa Castle Camp

1:45:47 Michael Gamble's Rhythm Serenaders

1:47:33 Jazz Lives - A Vintage Sound That’s Always Fresh 

1:48:33 Sound Situations: The Atomic Rhythm All-Stars

Mint Julep Jazz Band - A-Tisket A-Tasket

1:51:48 Boilermaker Jazz Band - You're Driving Me Crazy featuring Jennifer McNulty

1:52:02 Boilermaker Jazz Band

1:52:58 Jesse Miner

1:52:03 SwingDJs - Ska for Swing

1:53:29 Perfect Thyroid

1:53:54 The Track 005 - Naomi Uyama

1:56:02 Solomon Douglas

1:56:04 Glenn Crytzer

1:56:31 Bria Skonberg

1:56:33 Hawkeye Swing Festival

1:56:52 Swungover - Interview with Paul Cosentino of the Boilermaker Jazz Band

1:58:02 Lindy Focus XIV: The Jonathan Stout Orchestra - "Traffic Jam"

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