Show Notes - 022 - LaTasha Barnes

During these conversations there are often references to events, people and music that get tossed around that may be unfamiliar, so I’ve compiled links to nearly everything discussed in each episode as a handy companion.

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0:01:10 Welcome to episode #022 of The Track with Ryan Swift - February 2017. This episode’s guest is LaTasha Barnes

0:02:19 Interview with Norma Miller by LaTasha Barnes

0:02:24 Urban Artistry - The Preservatory Project

0:02:42 Soul Train - Electric Boogaloo

0:02:57 Maryland Arts Council

0:03:12 Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

0:05:26 Legendary Stars of Carolina Shag Dancing & Beach Music

0:05:48 Hand Dance: A Capitol Swing

0:06:37 The Savoy Ballroom

0:07:38 Smithsonian - How the Green Book Helped African-American Tourists Navigate a Segregated Nation

New York Public Library Digital Collection - The Green Book

0:10:00 National Museum of African American History and Culture

0:10:17 Three-Day Festival Celebrates the Grand Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Urban Artistry Performs at the Opening of NMAAHC

0:13:06 Gil Scott-Heron

0:17:14 Waacking

0:17:16 Urban Artistry - Hip Hop

0:17:40 Urban Artistry - Popping

0:17:55 Rashaad Pearson, Lead Artistic Director, Urban Artistry

0:18:05 Assassins Crew DC

0:19:50 Soul Train line

0:20:21 Midnight Star - "No Parking on the Dance Floor” (AmazoniTunes)

0:23:58 Misty Copeland

0:25:08 Move Your Body | Panthers Jump Rope Team

0:31:08 Enlisted Army Ranks

0:38:50 George W Bush Farewell Address

0:40:44 Dance in Dupont - Urban Artistry & The Washington Ballet

0:41:00 Barack & Michelle Obama Dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller'

0:48:08 USAMuscle - 2004 NPC Junior USA Championships

1:00:45 Junious “House” Brickhouse

1:00:52 Urban Artistry - House Dance

1:04:10 Juste Debout

1:07:00 Juste Debout NY 2011 Final House Battle

1:07:13 P-Jay & UK vs. Toyin & Tasha Juste Debout 2011

1:08:18 Great Shag & Lindy Hop 1938 (Harvest Moon Ball)

1:11:46 The Track 019 - Remy Kouakou Kouame

1:15:26 Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather (1943)

1:16:43 Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in ‘Hellzapoppin’’ (1941)

1:18:43 Jeff Booth

1:20:06 Al Minns & Leon James - Shim Sham

1:20:15 The Spirit Moves

1:20:38 Bobby White

1:21:15 Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in 'Keep Punching’ (1939)

1:21:33 Groove Juice Swing - Shouts, Hallelujah Rocks

1:23:00 Practice Swing — The New Swungover Book

1:23:47 The Jam Cellar

1:24:00 The International Soul Society Festival

1:28:38 Lindy Focus XV: Late Night Championships, Lindy Hop Couples

1:37:28 Lindy Focus

1:37:45 Lindy Focus XV: Chick Webb Live Stream

1:39:00 The Track 014 - Laura Windley

1:42:34 Race, Entertainment, And Historical Borrowing: The Case Of Lindy Hop

Dogpossum - ‘Historical Recreation’: Fat Suits, Blackface and Dance

1:43:00 Wandering & Pondering - Blackface in Swing Dance

1:48:10 Uptown Swingout

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