Show Notes 006 - Dawn Hampton

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0:00:27 Welcome to episode #006 of The Track with Ryan Swift - September 2015. This episode's guest is Dawn Hampton.

0:02:12 The Unforgettable Hampton Family
NY Daily News - Dawn Hampton, eight siblings of Hampton clan showcase determination, musical talent, spirit

0:02:59 Slide Hampton
Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program NEA Jazz Master interview - Slide Hampton

0:03:34 A History of the American Traveling Carnival

0:05:14 Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines - "Tiger Rag" (Amazon, iTunes)
Vince Giordano and the Augmented Nighthawks - "Tiger Rag" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:07:25 Tommy Femia

0:09:06 Nat King Cole - "Paradise" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:11:36 Irvin C. Miller's "Brown Skin Models" (Photo)

0:11:55 New York Times - Chorus Girls of Harlem Challenge Father Time
New York Times - 2 Chorus-Line Veterans Evoke Era of the Apollo

0:13:19 NPR Jazz Profiles - Louis Jordan: 'Jukebox King'

0:15:06 Photo: Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire in "Blue Skies"

0:15:04 Shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"

0:16:39 USO History

0:17:29 Photo: Duke Hampton Family Band

0:24:20 Mongo Santamaria
Tito Puente

0:24:40 Tito Puente - "Stompin' At The Savoy" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:24:26 The Spirit Moves - "Mambo"

0:25:12 George Gee Swing Orchestra - The Push

0:25:43 Lionel Hampton - "Flying Home" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:26:06 Correction: Illinois Jacquet was actually 19 when he recorded the Flying Home solo

0:26:31 Duke Ellington - "Jones" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:27:19 Duke Ellington's Finger Snapping

0:27:34 Duke Ellington - The Private Collection: Volume Six, Dance Dates, California, 1958 (Amazon, iTunes)

0:27:55 Humanities - In Ellington’s Shadow: The Life of Billy Strayhorn

0:28:38 Apollo Theater in the Fifties

0:29:28 Huffington Post - The World's Toughest Audience and Playing the Apollo

0:30:07 Nina Simone - "I Loves You Porgy (Live In New York/1964)" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:31:50 About the Savoy Ballroom

0:38:24 Swing46

0:39:11 Harry Connick Jr & French Rhythm Accents

0:39:45 Sarah Vaughan

0:40:33 The Spirit Moves - "Mambo Applejack Challenge"

0:44:52 Excerpt: Indianapolis Jazz: The Masters, Legends and Legacy of Indiana Avenue by David Leander Williams

0:45:01 Indiana Avenue and 'The Chitlin' Circuit'

0:46:05 The Spider

0:47:43 Paris Blues: African American Music and French Popular Culture, 1920-1960

0:48:51 Riverwalk Jazz - Riffs and Shouts: The Building Blocks of Jazz
NPR All Things Considered - Count Basie, 'One O'Clock Jump'

0:50:05 Virtue Hampton

0:51:21 Slide Hampton - "Slide Slid" (Amazon, iTunes)

0:51:22 Cincinnati Enquirer - A Faded Jazz Scene

0:51:39 Arthur Prysock

0:52:32 Big Maybelle

0:53:51 Big Maybelle - I Ain't Mad at You (Live)

0:57:17 Greenwich Village, U.S.A.

0:57:31 Original Cast - "Greenwich Village, U.S.A." (Amazon, iTunes)

1:00:48 Original Cast - "Save the Village (Finale)" (Amazon, iTunes)

1:01:10 Dawn Hampton - "Brownstone" (Amazon, iTunes)

1:01:32 Don't Tell Mama

1:01:44 The Duplex

1:03:26 Lynne Carter

1:05:32 NY Post - How NYC's Gay Bars Thrived Because of the Mob
Vice - How the Mafia Once Controlled the New York Gay Scene
Queerty - Unlikely Allies: Here's How The Mafia Brought The Early LGBT Community Together

1:10:15 Michael Klein - Did I Ever Really Live?

1:11:34 New York Times - Review/Cabaret; Dawn Hampton, and Lyrics (1991)

1:12:38 New York Times - Cabaret: Dawn Hampton (1982)

1:13:34 Dawn Hampton Whistles, 83rd Birthday Celebration

1:17:35 Divine Intervention: Bette Midler Talks Early Gay Support, 'Diva' Degradation & Twerking ('Girls, Please!')

1:17:44 Baby Jane Dexter

1:18:29 Lena Horne - "Good for Nothing Joe" (Amazon, iTunes)

1:19:12 Bette Midler - Continental Baths Concert (1971)
FYI - The Continental Baths closed in 1975

1:19:25 Vanity Fair - Barry Manilow Only Ever Played One Bathhouse with Bette Midler

1:20:42 Cab Calloway in 'The Blues Brothers' (1980)

1:20:19 Cab Calloway Monument in Rochester, NY

1:22:20 Sarah Vaughan - Continental Baths , Ansonia Hotel , NYC 1973

1:26:02 Wall Street Journal - For Nightclubs, Life Is No Cabaret Without a License
Cabaret license be damned: NYC’s politics of dancing

1:27:03 New York Times - If It's Sunday, It's the Cat Club: Swing Dancing Takes Over Again

1:28:35 New York Times - Bob January

1:29:33 Joe Williams

1:30:10 Count Basie

1:31:53 Margaret Batiuchok demos clips from 1980s 1990s - Frankie Manning, Charlie Meade, Sonny Allen, Ryan Francois

1:32:54 Frankie Manning & Åsa Palm, Herräng 1999

1:33:33 Tom Lewis

1:35:02 Norma Miller

1:36:00 Herräng Dance Camp

1:36:22 Dance scene in 'Malcolm X' (1992)

1:38:00 Cab Calloway in Janet Jackson's "Alright" (1999)

1:38:50 Sammy Davis, Jr. Tap Dancing at The Palace Theater (1969)

1:44:31 Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in 'A Day at the Races' (1937)

1:44:50 Whitey's Lindy Hoppers in 'Hellzapoppin'' (1941)

1:45:54 Lincoln Center Midsummer Night Swing - DJ Dawn Hampton w/ Heather Flock

1:49:05 Dawn Hampton & John Dokes dance at Dawn's 83rd Birthday Party

1:53:03 Frankie 100 - Show at the Apollo Theatre - Dawn's Dance

1:55:12 Dawn Hampton - Banghra

1:55:51 World Lindy Hop Day, Toronto 2015 Featuring Dawn Hampton

1:56:11 KUOW Weekday - Masters of Lindy and Tap: Tales from the People Who Lived Dance History (Century Masters Weekend, Seattle 2008)

1:56:14 Dawn Hampton in South Korea

1:58:01 Sarah Sullivan

2:00:25 Dawn Hampton's Lesson, Herräng 2012

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