The Track 001 - Peter Strom

Peter Strom & Ramona Staffeld at Frankie95

In this inaugural episode of The Track, I sit down with international instructor, performer, emcee and soul man Peter Strom. He’s taught all over the world since winning the classic division at the American Lindy Hop Championships back in 2000 and has performed with Lindy Movement, Silver Shadows and Mad Dog at events such as Frankie 95 and the Savoy Ballroom 80th anniversary.

Peter runs Uptown Swing in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN, which is hosting its first weekend workshop in August, Uptown Swingout.

Peter also ran the Lindy Hoppers' Fund - a great charity organization which has now folded under the auspices of the Frankie Manning Foundation, specifically to raise money for youth programs at events where he's involved. He would love to let folks know they can donate to the Frankie Manning Foundation and earmark their donation for “Juniors” to help this great cause.