DJ Rob Moreland on Spotify

Rob Moreland on Spotify

Say what you will about its UI (and I do ever in Episode 10 of The Track), this month’s guest Rob Moreland has been using Spotify to spread his love and knowledge of swing music to a fine degree.  Not only has he posted setlists inspired by his gigs as head DJ at events such as Swing Out New Hampshire, Nevermore Jazz Ball, and Lindy Focus, but he’s got themed playlists of Basie Sidemen, Duke Ellington, and more. 

Follow Rob on Spotify and check out Episode 10 for tons more swing DJ conversation, including how he found swing dancing after playing second fiddle in a cajun band, compare some of our worst DJ mistake horror stories, and explore the differences between DJing at large national events and local regular gigs.  We also commiserate on our mutual weakness for remembering song titles, compare notes on preparing for gigs & contest music, and Rob shares some advice he’d give to new and aspiring DJs. 

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