Baby, Won't You Please Come Home by Martin Loomer's Orange Devils with Caitlin Wellman

We only touched on this aspect of her life briefly, but this month's guest on The Track, Caitlin Wellman, is an amazing singer in addition to being a dancer & instructor.  A native of Ithaca, NY, Caitlin made a splash with the rest of Minnie’s Moochers in 1998. Starting as a teen, Caitlin was a traveling instructor for the better part of a decade, partnering with Dan Amores & Peter Strom, before she stepped away from the scene in 2006.  She has since returned, teaching on her own in Toronto and at dance events in Canada & the USA.  

Tune in to Episode 9 to hear us talk about regional dance “accents,” how her height led her to find inspiration in Leon James, and the struggle with a chronic illness that led her to step away from dancing at the top of her game. We also talk about what it’s like managing that illness, returning to the Lindy Hop world after an extended break, and challenging the glass ceiling as a female headlining instructor.