The Track 029 - Moe Sakan

Moe Sakan with Vincenzo Fesi at  ILHC 2016

Moe Sakan with Vincenzo Fesi at ILHC 2016

This month, I am joined by Moe Sakan. Moe discovered Lindy Hop as a teenager in her native Osaka, Japan, and continued social dancing after moving to London in 2000 to pursue a dream in the performing arts. Injury changed her path and Moe has since become an active competitive swing dancer and instructor. She has won several competition titles, including the 2017 Open Classic Lindy title and four consecutive Jack & Jill titles at Camp Hollywood’s National Jitterbug Championships, and has taught swing dance around the world.

Moe joined me at ILHC to talk about her early training and dreams of becoming a professional broadway dancer, swing dance and vintage culture in both Japan and England, and how video tapes of Southern California dancers drew her to to become a fixture at Camp Hollywood and a 2017 inductee into their Hall of Fame.

We also discussed the unique perspective of learning an American World War II-era dance in modern Japan, and some of her thoughts on what makes a rewarding experience in social swing dance contests like the Luck of the Draw