Video: Bay Area House Dance Festival Performance | LaTasha Barnes

I'm catching up on some past show notes that had fallen by the wayside and I came across this clip of LaTasha Barnes that, while it didn't fit in the show notes, was far too awesome not to highlight.  Thanks to Rikomatic for highlighting this in his blog late last year.  Enjoy LaTasha tearing it up at the 2016 Bay Area House Dance Festival as you pour over the show notes from Episode 022!

New Album from Josh Collazo & Candy Jacket Jazz Band!

Do you remember the new album of original music Josh Collazo discussed in Episode 21? It's now available!

It's an album of top-notch jazz musicians (including Episode 8 guest Jonathan Stout) playing brand-new tunes.

You can buy the album of new tunes from the Candy Jacket Jazz Band in physical and/or digital form from Bandcamp, and if you haven't heard my conversation with Josh yet, grab that here!




Inside the Dancer's Studio with Jean Veloz

It was an honor and absolute delight to have the privledge of interviewing the legendary Jean Veloz at Lindyfest this year for their Inside the Dancer's Studio series.

Many thanks to Tena, Scott, and the Lindyfest team for giving me the opportunity to sit with Jean for an hour, and to Brett Dahlenburg for getting the video online so quickly!

If you're interested in the clips we showed during the interview, I've created a YouTube playlist, which can be found here.

Live Episodes are Now Available, Exclusively to Patreon Supporters!

Live at Lindy Focus XV with Andy Reid (Photo:  Alletta Cooper )

Live at Lindy Focus XV with Andy Reid (Photo: Alletta Cooper)

If you've been holding off, there has never been a better time to start supporting The Track on Patreon! 3 exclusive live episodes are being posted today, available only for Patreon supporters!

All Patreon supporters can access the following conversations recorded in front of live audiences at The International Lindy Hop Championships and Lindy Focus:

• ILHC 2015 with Mikey Pedroza
• ILHC 2016 with Michael Faltesek
• Lindy Focus XV with Andy Reid

Live at ILHC 2016 with Mike Faltesek (Photo:  Jerry Almonte )

Live at ILHC 2016 with Mike Faltesek (Photo: Jerry Almonte)

Many, many thanks for your continued support, which allows me to keep making these podcasts for the swing dance community each and every month!

Hosting "Inside the Dancers' Studio" at Lindyfest 2017

Inside the Dancers' Studio has become a favorite tradition of Lindyfest/Lone Star. Lead this year by Ryan Swift, Inside the Dancers' Studio gives our honored guests a chance to share things about themselves, their lives, their careers, and their art that might not come out during classes. It's a chance to connect with our community's past in a more intimate way than just doing the steps. You definitely don't want to miss it!

DJing at Lindyfest/Lone Star Championships is always one of the highlights of my year, and I am delighted the organizers have also invited me to return as host for their special interview program, "Inside the Dancers' Studio."

This year I will be joined by the one-and-only Jean Veloz and Alde Lewis, Jr.! More info about Jean, Alde, and this year's event can be found here.

I had the privilege of interviewing Dawn Hampton at Lindyfest in 2012 and the honor of talking to Norma Miller, Chazz Young, and Sugar Sullivan last year (left). 

I'm very much looking forward to what we've got in store for 2017.