"One of the most engaging radio-style interviews I've ever listened to" - The Syncopated Times


Joe Bebco of The Syncopated Times calls the Episode 26 conversation with Paul Cosentino "one of the most engaging radio-style interviews I’ve ever listened to" in his review-within-a-review/leadup to two great reviews of the latest releases from Paul and Boilermaker Jazz Band!

Read the full piece here.

Back on (the) track...we return from hiatus tomorrow!


Hey Track listeners! 2018 turned out to be quite something and unfortunately the summer hiatus turned into a summer-fall-plus hiatus.  Life just hits you sometimes and there just weren't enough hours in the day to make the podcast happen.  I am eternally grateful to everyone for their continued generosity, support and patience while I got caught up!

The good news, though, is that The Track is back on track (sorry) tomorrow with a brand new episode and we'll be back on schedule from here on out.  Stay tuned for some great conversations coming up!

Lindyfest 2018 - Inside the Dancers' Studio - Video!

Hey folks! I hope you're enjoying the new episode with Jenny Shirar that went up earlier today.  I'm currently on a flight and getting the show notes for that episode collected.

Since I'm Houston-bound, I'm also reminded that I haven't posted the video from Lindyfest 2018's edition of Inside the Dancers' Studio, where I was joined by Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent, and Mikey Pedroza for a great live conversation.  Among other things, we talked about how they got started dancing, what inspires them, and discovered their favorite curse words.  You can catch the whole thing right here on YouTube:

Taken at Lindyfest featuring the Lone Star Championships in Houston, Texas. Visit http://lindyfest.hsds.org for more information. Video by Brett Dahlenburg

Lindy Focus Track List!

Happy Holidays Track Listeners! There will be a new episode later this week featuring Noëlle Gray, but if you're on your way to Lindy Focus (like I am), why not check out these past interviews with folks you'll be seeing, hearing, and dancing with this week on your drive/flight to Asheville?

I’ve assembled the Lindy Focus XVI Track List for you:

Michael Gamble at Lindy Focus

Michael Gamble at Lindy Focus

Why not start with organizer & bandleader Michael Gamble, with whom I spoke at length about the inspiration, music, and behind-the-scenes organization of the event?


Then check out some of the amazing Lindy Focus musicians, instructors, & DJs:

All of these episodes and more are available in the archive and on iTunes or your podcast app of choice!